How to create a MetaMask wallet?

Visit the MetaMask website here

how to install Metamask

Click - Download or Download for Chrome

How to install Metamask

Click - Install MetaMask for Chrome

How to install metamask

Click - Add to Chrome

Metamask install

Click Add extension

Here you are asked if you really want to add this app to Chrome.

Metamask added

Quick announcement that MetaMask is installed in Chrome

Metamask let's get started

Check the box if you agree to the terms of use and click Create a new wallet

Metamask information about data

Data Collection Notice

If you agree, click - I agree.

If you don't agree, click - No thanks.

Metamask password

Create a password

Create a password that is complex and one that you won't forget. Metamask will not reset your password if you forget it. It is better to write down or use other methods of storing passwords.

Check the box so that you know Metamask will not be able to reset your password.

Secure Metamask

Click - Secure my wallet(recommended)

Metamask secret phrase

Secret Recovery Phrase

A very important moment. Metamask warns you to be sure no one is watching. Why? Because this phrase is the most important key to your wallet. Who owns this key, owns everything stored in your wallet. Never reveal this phrase to anyone. Who will ask you to enter this phrase somewhere - know that it is a scam.

Metamask pass phrase

Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase

Write it down on paper. Do not keep this phrase on your computer, in the mail, or in another medium that will have access to the Internet under any circumstances. Make several copies and do not keep them in one place.

We have an interesting way to recode this phrase so that it can even be saved on a computer. Follow us on Twitter if you are interested in this method.

Click Next.

Metamask confirm secret phrase

Checking the passphrase 

Check whether the displayed words match the ones you wrote down. Fill in the missing words. When you have checked everything, press - Confirm.

Never reveal this phrase to anyone!

Metamask confirmation

Wallet creation successful

Click - Got it!

Metamask pin

Make Metamask visible and easily accessible

Click on the extensions icon and click on the pin it icon.

metamask done

Metamask install complete

The Metamask icon has appeared in the upper right corner of your browser.

Click - Done.

Metamask pop up

Just close the pop-up message by clicking the cross.

Metamask first use

Welcome to your wallet!

We have created a wallet! Now copy your wallet address and paste it wherever you want. You will see a mixture of numbers and letters, this is the address of your first wallet account.
Welcome to the world of crypto!

Congratulations, you now have a wallet address and it's time to win free NFT!

How to do it? Follow the link below.

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