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The Smallest Ever NFT collection

From the collection's name alone, it's evident we're delving into the world of the tiniest NFTs ever crafted. But just how miniature are they? Incredibly so.

To provide you with a perspective, consider this example:
Imagine the most widely used computer monitor resolution, which is 1920x1080 pixels. This means that your screen's image is composed of a total of 2,073,600 pixels.

Now, in our collection, take the flag of Lithuania, for instance. It's composed of merely three pixels. Challenge yourself to spot it in the image below.

Smallest ever NFT flag of Lithuania

Smallest Ever NFT, the flag of Lithuania, 1x3 pixels

The next picture shows the same Lithuanian flag, only enlarged by 5000%.

smallest ever NFT the flag of Lithuania XL

Smallest Ever NFT, the flag of Lithuania, 1x3 pixels, enlarged 5000%

Within this assortment, we will showcase a range of image themes, encompassing country flags, signs, symbols, words, and objects. The distinctive feature of all these images is their microscopic design.

Concerning size, the images in this collection are categorized into two types: the regular size, which is the smallest rendition, and the XL version, a significantly larger variant with additional effects.


Smallest design

XL design

XL design

It's important to underline that a significant quantity of randomly selected XL images will be gifted to lucky individuals who acquire a Rekt Kid XL NFT.

Another distinguishing factor among the items in the collection is the edition count.

Let's consider the XL version of the Lithuanian flag as an illustration – there will be just a solitary instance, a sole copy, and, at any given moment, it will belong to a single individual (though they can, of course, choose to transfer or sell it to another party). A picture (NFT) created with only one copy is often referred to as "1 of 1" and is represented as "1/1," commonly termed as "one-of-a-kind."

Analogously, let's contemplate the Rekt Kid XL version.

Rekt Kid XL

Rekt Kid XL NFT

A total of 20,000 Rekt Kid XL images will be released, implying that this image may have varying ownership numbers, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. This means that Rekt Kid is not one-of-a-kind.

Now, what can you do with these images? You have several options: you can purchase or get them as free NFTs, sell them, or simply store them in your Metamask wallet and await the release of the subsequent phase's free NFT. However, it's important to note that if you sell your Rekt Kid XL NFT, you will forfeit the opportunity to acquire the next stage image for free and enjoy the accompanying bonuses.

You've likely discerned that the Smallest Ever NFT collection serves as your gateway to the upcoming phases of the project.

We'll commence with the smallest images and advance incrementally to the subsequent cool stages!

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